I have been trying to learn web development for a few years now and the thing that has stumped me the most is JavaScript. I mean I have been using it on and off but mostly I use frameworks that I can find code to copy and paste. I feel like with a few different […]

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The South is NOT Cheaper!!!!

I have recently moved to the south and I am so fed up with the misnomer that it is cheaper to live in the southern states. Let me be clear. It is NOT CHEAPER to live in the southern states! I lived in Atlanta for three years in the early 90’s and found that out […]

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Ted Talks

Hey Everyone! I’m sorry I have been lazy these last couple weeks and haven’t written a damn thing. I have moved from Chicago (sniff sniff Booo). It took a few weeks for us to get everything packed. We got loaded in a few hours from the worst movers in the city called The Couch Potatoes LLC. […]

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Scam Alert Roku-Sling.tv

Yes, it’s a scam ladies and gents! Why it happened is partly my fault, that part was just signing up. Try to get out of your subscription and you’re in for a ride. Let me elaborate on this roller coaster scam they have going. As I stated up above it is my fault for signing […]

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