This page is about me, Duhhhh! No, really it is. I was a construction worker for over 30 years but have gotten hurt to the point where I can’t work anymore. Your first thought might be that would be awesome but it isn’t. I was going F-ing crazy. I needed something to do even if I can’t do as much as I once have. I can do as much as I can and that’s it. This is a humbling thing to admit to yourself when you have lived your life trying always to do a little bit more than you have the previous day. Because of that, it has taken me some time to get to a point that I am ok with my limitations and to not beat myself up when I just have to take a break. To learn how to deal with pain on a daily basis without leaning on medication. I can not give hours and hours at a time like one would if they are serious about learning to code or web design or any other endeavor they would like to exceed at. I call this site DumDumDev because I am. I am illiterate in any coding language but I am learning and that s the fun part. The fulfilling part and what I have always been drawn to. This gives me something to do and allows me to stay out of my own way. It also gives my wife some space so I do not drive her mad bonkers. I was driving myself mad bonkers as well as her and it wasn’t pretty.

One day I was lying there after the third back surgery and got to thinking, what the hell am I going to do with myself! I can’t actually work. What do I do now that I can’t work? This is a hard and humbling thing to have to decide. What would you do if you couldn’t  work and didn’t have the money or the mobility to travel and do things like that? It has been very hard for me to decide and has taken me quite some time to figure it all out. Computers have always interested me in the way that you can make something out of nothing.  In my teens and early twenties I was a Professional Photographer. I learned to shoot with actual film. I learned how to set things properly the first time and that is what made me realize I could try my hand at computers.

I found Photoshop and the rest, as they say, is history. I will tell more in my blog posts so please stop back by and follow me here on WordPress allowing you to get notified when I do!~