My new Mentor/Idol – Elon Musk

I want a Tesla soooo bad!!!! Elon makes the best car out there and now with the Model 3 coming out, I think it maybe finally economically available to me. In other words, my broke ass might be able to afford it if I can make some moves and find a company to borrow this slug the money. How can anybody not want this to be the new norm.

This article could turn into this debate about the benefits of renewable energy over our archaic services that we use now but it is not that kind of post. I am going to talk about how I revere Elon and now I see him as someone to emulate and consider him my new idol. All the things that he has his hands in and is making huge waves. I could never imagine myself having that much drive or energy. His ideas which may not be revolutionary and just taking the next step but the key here is that he is doing something about it. he is actually taking steps to make it happen. Do not under value his objective. I am sure there are major forces against him getting to where he wants to go. The gas and oil companies, I’m sure, view him as the enemy.

Why I am I so smitten on this guy. Wel in a few sentences I have really said it all. Here though I would like to also talk about his fears and his actual insight and care of humanity. He is actually worried about AI. I would think he is in a position to make billions of dollars of this technology and could possibly be a man of considerable power. He stands by his morals and ideals and understands why we have these rules in place. How many people in history get into the position he is in and decide they have the ego to believe they are the ones who should rule the world.

Elon knows that, soon, robots will be able to do everything better than us. Not most things but he states everything! We have to have regulations around this. If we break down that one statement we can see what kind of man he is and his empathy for people not in his position. He could benefit off of this situation immensely. I know he does well but he could be doing much better and making much more dollars than he does. This is a person worried about the human race. I revere that and is the main reason I see him as my idol and mentor. somone I would feel very honored to be like.

If you look into what he is doing right now in renewable energy it is very exciting. I know it is also expensive but if we had a government that wasn’t controlled by oil and gas we would see his ideas already be in almost everyone’s home. If the government would subsidize this tech for us Americans like they subsidize coal and gas we would all be able to afford this ground breaking energy system. to have a roof that is an electric company and a wall in the garage that is the provider and fuel station is unbelievable. How much does this shake up our whole way a life and how many jobs will be lost? I think on the job front they will be just transferred to a new career. On the government front this hits the pocket book of every politician in America and they do not like it. In these times governing is about the money more than it is about helping humanity.

Elon talks about these investments by our government only 1.3 billion over 20 years. That is peanuts in the scheme of things. He has to generate a 100billion dollars in that time of revenue. It helps him only by one percent a lot less than our other industries here in the USA. The people in power do not want to see this come to fruition because then they have to change their business models and it will cost them money they do not want to spend. Not money they do not have but the money they usually give to our officials in Washington and other state houses. A crime really. So for Elon to use his own money to make this happen and take this huge chance on losing everything he has says a huge amount of his character and compassion for his neighbors on this small degrading planet we call home.


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