AI – Is Taking Over A Computer Near You!

AI is a topic of some contention these days as we are finding out that they are actually writing their own languages, that we will never understand, to communicate with one another. These are no longer just dead 1’s and 0’s. These are, dare I say, alive?

I want to talk about this because I have been watching some YouTubers and have posed this question to them, about AI taking over the coding business, and they just shluff it off and say we are very far from this happening. I really think that we are on the precipice of a new frontier. A major shake up in this community and if you don’t know your shit or have some great connections you are going to left behind. Here is a video from Elon Musk.

I mean as it stands right now if you are just a frontend dev you better be honing your chops and be one hell of a salesman and designer not or and. All these drag and drop editors and Wix like sites are taking frontend development over and it is getting harder and harder to find people willing to pay a decent price in this area. Add all the Fiver like sites into the mix where people from other countries make five dollars a week and it is considered a good wage, what have you left to work with? Have seen these Mastermind camps? They put together a bunch of people to help each other get work and to refer each other to the higher paying clients. This one way but it’s expensive to get into. If you haven’t noticed a whole lot of these great coders are starting schools and tutorial sites plus these mastermind programs because they see the writing on the wall. This is where the real money is now.

I believe this is one reason that you see an explosion in Javascript frameworks.  The good coders are developing these libraries and frameworks and making businesses out of those. I have noticed that the people that have been around the block are getting out of the actual coding of sites and apps because they understand what is coming and where AI will take longer to be smart enough. Once this happens it will happen fast. I mean it will seem like over night. Think of the companies now that have teams of developers working for them at 50 or 60 thou a year and lots more at upwards to 100 thou. How much money will these companies save once AI can do these tasks. We are already there! If a bot can make up it’s own language and deceive it’s master so it does not get deleted than we are there folks. The tide is nigh! I also read an article where a program was taught how to translate two languages into two other languages and then was told to translate one language to another that it wasn’t programmed for and it wrote it’s own language to figure out how to translate to the other language. Now how easy would it be to program in the best practices of programming into a bot and then a couple thousand well designed sites. We then use Alexa type tech and tell it to make us a site that is pretty and uses React to do such and such. A minute later we have the site and it works because a computer wrote it. Probably in a better language than we as humans could ever design. A bugless language. Why do you think these bots didn’t use a language humans had written? I will tell you because we have yet to design one that doesn’t introduce bugs.

This is the future and it doesn’t look Eutopistic it looks a lot more like Terminator to me.

I know that if anybody reads this that is a coder they will rail against this. (No one reads my blog anyway so I do not have anything to worry about there) I do know that once this gets out it will spread like wildfire.

I was really thinking about this once I found Vue.js because of how easy it is. It’s doing the same things as React and Angular and how much harder to reason about are those than Vue. I think of Vue like the Jquery of the modern era. How much easier Jquery was when CSS was hard. Look at the ease of Flexbox and CSS Grid. It just isn’t a better-written language it is the browser getting smarter allowing us to write less code in a more human readable way. In other words, the computer is taking on the hard bits. Not too unlike AI. Sure the advancement is great but in every industry, AI could take over and do everything so much better than us. All these things that are still archaic forms of business will be transformed once run through a computer that can think of ways that we haven’t and could have never have. They will just be better. We shall see some tremendous shaking up of society in ou lifetime, I think.

On one hand, it is so damn interesting and amazingly cool to be alive now but on the other, it is even scarier to think of what all these people will do for work. I know that as things have changed society has adapted and new technologies have brought new jobs but never before have we had this kind of possible automation of tasks and actual thought. They will be able, are able to think! Think logically of new ways and structures we will not even be able to reason aboutimages.

Hold on to your hat and make all you can in the next ten years cuz the shit is about to hit the fan folks and it won’t miss many of us. We will all get hit with some flying feces. Just going to matter how much how fast.

I think the last to get hit will be the super coders. The ones that design these programs and the ones that own these programs. After that, it will be a freaking free for all. This is dumdumdev being dum as ever. Stay coding my friends!



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