Scam Alert

Yes, it’s a scam ladies and gents!

Why it happened is partly my fault, that part was just signing up. Try to get out of your subscription and you’re in for a ride. Let me elaborate on this roller coaster scam they have going.
As I stated up above it is my fault for signing up in the first place and not canceling within the 7-day free trial period. I should have, but I didn’t because I thought it was much better than it is and let the hype from two websites get me. That should have been my first clue. The fact that they need two sites, Roku and Slingtv, to rope you in. Most just try with just one site but they have figured out a two pronged attack works even better. So this is where the sneak attack happens. With two sites they can make you go round and round trying to figure out how to cancel. Yes, you can call me stupid, but I think a better word is plum lazy. The lethargic masses is what they count on, the fact that the customer will give up when it gets complicated and they don’t understand. The fact that when you call there is always above a five-minute wait helps a bunch I bet as well. I wonder why their phone traffic is so high? Maybe because they suck and people are calling in droves to figure out how the hell they got suckered in as they did!
So here is what happened. I put a tv in my shop that is internet capable and has Roku pre-installed. My wifi is good out there so I thought cool I could have TV in the shop out back. Well, I turned it on, but I couldn’t get any stations unless I signed up for Roku or so I thought. It turns out it is actually Sling, they slip that nicely by you. I pay Roku, not Sling. Your bill every month is from Roku, not Sling. I had it for a few months and only tried to watch it a couple of times. Tried is the key word here because every time I tried to watch anything it was an extra fee. The 30 bucks a month just gets you access to other subscriptions that you have to pay. So I went to cancel from the people that I pay. Not to some unbeknownst station. I went on the Roku site, and it states that when you cancel you are stopped at that instance, right away, they stop your feed. I went to cancel when I got the email that I had just paid. Guess what I got the email from Paypal not from Roku and not from Sling. I wonder why? Usually, with every other subscription, they email you a couple of days in advance to tell you they are about to take the next months service fee. Roku and do not have this practice, I wonder why?Screenshot 2017-08-02 21.12.24
I finally had enough, and I go through all the pages trying to find an answer on the help pages and do not. I finally go through all the support questions which I had given up on before and get to the chat. I was chatting for ten minutes trying to get this guy to understand where I was coming from. I swear he was acting stupid so I would get pissed off and or smart off so he could quit or so I would quit because I had gotten so discouraged from the incoherent chat session. I asked him three times if he could access my site and he said yes but never would for over five minutes. Finally, after you go to your account page then purchase history which you do not think at first to do because there is manage subscriptions, View & activate free trial offers, and Add a channel on the left. You think manage subscriptions, but the page says I have none. Huh, the guy in chat says I have to have one. I have nothing in that area, but what you need is Purchase History which for some reason is on the left, and you do not see it. He never tells me this I have to find it. So I go there and see the history says the channel is named 7-days free. This is who is billing me. He says he doesn’t know who that is and at this point, we are way over ten minutes in chat. Finally, there is another button pressing that we go to another page that has a receipt looking item with a font size of 8 pixels. It is so small that I have to enlarge it, and then there it is, not on the actual ledger but at the bottom in a sentence that looks like a copy write, the name Sling tv. Finally, I have the name something I am sure that someone who works for Roku should have been able to decipher in about three seconds. He was stringing me along so I would not pursue it and they would get another month out of me. Screenshot 2017-08-02 21.03.04
Now I have to go to Slings site and sign in, but I didn’t have an account so had to make one and once I had signed in they had all my account info, and it was a bunch of clicks of are you sure you want to quit? Are you really really sure you want to quit? You have to sign in again to quit! Are you sure you want to quit? Ok but first fill out this questionnaire which you can not skip. I then decided to comment how displeased I was but you have fewer characters to work with than a tweet.

Total freaking scam!!!!!

I finally got the account canceled and the whole while I was trying to cancel I was on the phone waiting to get a hold of a live person to see if I could get some of my money back but I was too tired and pissed even to try at that point. Another of their scams worked! They have this stuff figured out people do not kid yourself. They have it fine tuned like a million dollar violin. I told my piece to the woman on the other end, and she said have a good day and hung up. End of story. They are lucky no one reads my page, and I am not some blogger that has followers up the bingbong.
RokuScamOne last thing is I do not understand why people are willing to pay for Sling. Roku is the service, and then Sling is the service as well. How come there are two. There can be only one reason, and that is so they can say it is free. Roku can advertise it is free and how much you get but when you try to watch anything you have to pay Sling. That is the true definition of a scam. Bait and switch all the way. I am pissed at myself for getting suckered in and letting it happen. Live and learn. I just hope someone will read this and not fall into the same trap. Thanks for reading.


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