Vuetify is awesome! Is really all I can say. This article is just a quick tip just to make others aware of his framework. I mean how it is not the top of the charts and on everyone’s blog or lips is beyond me. I am a big fan of Vue.js and having found that Vue it was only natural to find Vuetify. So what is it? It is a framework that ports Material design to be easily used in Vue.js. It works great and is very easy to use plus has great documentation. I can not believe how I never heard of these two before now. They are so easy and intuitive to use I just can’t believe these are not number one in the community.
I have seen a couple of tutorials on YouTube lately but that is all. Just a couple of guys that do a lot of tutorials and have to keep putting new stuff out and they finally made it to Vue. I mean the framework maybe just the one for me and my style or way of thinking but I really don’t think so. In as much as ease of use I just do not see any of the others being in the same park. Things like React and Angular are so cumbersome to use or to set up. It seems like you have entered this new world and are an idiot. They have these huge confusing docs and are just not easy to use. They are not made for how the brain works more for how the computer works and you feel it. Vue, on the other hand, is set up in such a way that it feels natural and flowing. It seems like you are just learning a few new classes as opposed to a whole new language. I maybe over the line here and many probably disagree.
I am coming from a background of some knowledge of Javascript but certainly no Ninja. So this may have an effect on my view of all these Libraries and Frameworks. Even then I would think that if you didn’t have to get in there and write all this Javascript for simple stuff that why would you.


I mean everything can be done in a few files. Ahhh here is another place where Vue excels. You do not have to make all these files and link this and that with all these routes and folders and file types. I am especially talking about Angular here. I mean who the hell thought that was a good idea for anyone? Why is that necessary? Who came up with that plan and after they had some success all these others thought they would ride their wave and do very similar things. Very confusing and majorly hard to deal with. A Cluster F_ _ _ really.

It may seem like I am berating these guys but really I’m not and realize that at the time maybe this was the best they could do but Vue has been around for 5 years at least so maybe not. I like view a lot if you can not tell and I think I will start to write more in depth like a tutorial or two in the coming weeks. This has been on my mind as of late so I think I just may. As always, I may be a dumdum but I ain’t stupid. Dev it up Dudes/Dudeettes.









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