Hybrid Mobile Apps made with Html,CSS,JS

The other day I wrote about an app builder called Onsen UI. I thought it was a pretty good system but still wary of the look and feel of the apps made with it because the underlying code is Apache-Cordova. It turns out there are five or six I have found now that I would suspect are the major players. Here is a link to an article about these so I will not go into that but will just discuss my feeling about them. Best-hybrid-mobile-app-ui-frameworks-html5-js-css.

I found Phone Gap a few years ago and did a little investigation to see if it was a viable solution for me. At that time it was absolutely not. Phone Gap is being handled by Adobe. I do not know if they are the driving force behind it and finance it but I know they have a big hand in it as the documentation is on their site. I also know that is how I found PG, by Adobe documentation looking for something else. I got into coding with the purpose of making an app. The first app I wanted to make was an app for woodworking that collated all the woodworking jigs into on place on mobile which would be very convenient to have in your shop. Having plans for building a jig right there without having to print it out or have your computer collecting all that dust.

I got into coding with the purpose of making a mobile app. The first app I wanted to make was an app for woodworking that collated all woodworking jigs into one place on a mobile platform. Making for easy viewing and in turn be very convenient to have in your shop. Having plans for building a jig in your hand without having to print it out or have your computer/laptop collecting all that dust and breaking down. I was looking for an easier way to use the languages I sort of knew.hybridApps The documentation and implementation for Phone Gap at that time was huge and actually seemed way more difficult than to go ahead and learn Swift. I have kept that idea in my back pocket because the premise is great. Being able to write once and to support all platforms. A few months later I started hearing about React and all of the Javascript libraries or frameworks which seem like it would be a better way to go.

The other day I found Onsen UI and that seems much better to me. It has an editor all the example code, way better docs, and a CLI just to name a few of its many features. All of these Cordova applications or editors are very expensive. I think a better word to elaborate the cost would be the word uber and not the taxi app. Totally expensive. Blew me away at the cost. Did I get my point across that they are a lot of money? I mean the apps that they are putting out are known to be slower and look similar to a native app but are nowhere near as pretty. All the sites have a lot of double speak saying this isn’t true but if you slow down and really read the documentation and look at the examples there are none that look good enough but to be inter office apps in my opinion. Not one that I would ever put into an app store or charge for. I mean, I thought these should be free to use and learn but it turns out that is not even the case. I can only guess this is true because once you use it for awhile you will probably find out that you wouldn’t put one of these apps in the store either and that would mean you won’t paty for it so they get the money up front.

I know this sounds kind of harsh and maybe I will put the disclaimer out that Onsen does have a 14-day trial and I didn’t get an app built that looked anywhere near as good as the shittiest app I have ever seen. Not to say that I am terrible at it because I didn’t have much time to go for it. I will say that if I was knowledgeable enough to get something out the door in that short of time just learning the platform and editor that worked well and looked great then I probably wouldn’t need the tool anyway. I might think that it would be good for quick mockups but you would have to be killing it in the market. All that said you may still want to give them a try if you have an extra 1000 dollars to throw around to get an app out that I wouldn’t show my grandma. Did I mince any words? Do you know how I really feel about this topic? I mean with React and Vue.js or Angular I think one could invest the same amount of time and have a way better product at the end. If you didn’t care about putting it out cross-platform then you could just jump into Swift or Java and put out an IOS or Android Native app. I think that is the best route but it would be hard for someone like me to be able to learn both Java and Swift. I think maybe one day I will be there but then I don’t think it will be necessary to know both. Swift is trying to be able to port to all other platforms including Android and especially the web so I think it maybe the better choice here if you do not want to go the Javascript library way.

My personal opinion in all this is its best to do native apps hands down. Second, I would go the Javascript route and put together a React or Vue.js app with PWA and Amp. There is also Angular which I am going through a tutorial right now to see if it is the framework for me. Starting to think it isn’t with typescript. Just my opinion right now. I am really stuck in the middle here and have been jumping back and forth between Javascript and Swift (ios) which I know is the worst thing I can do. They seem so similar but I think sometimes that one will help me with the other. I know intellectually they will not. Like the higher level purpose but past that they are very different. Right now I know either well enough to get me nowhere fast but want to know much more. I feel I will turn the corner any day now and this aura of enlightenment will wash over me. Wishful thinking? I hope not because I really have a couple apps I want to make. As always I may be a dumdumdev but I ain’t stupid! Happy coding dumdums!


Update———- I did find a free one called framework7 but it has you loading three CSS files right off the bat and I can’t see that being a good thing. Think of someone on a 3G network trying to load that page. I really didn’t look much further than that but if I do I will update this again. Maybe check it out it could be just what you are looking for. Put out an app without anything other than Html, CSS and .Javascript!


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