In this first post I will answer the question why. Why did I end up wanting to and persevering learning to code? I have no simple story but will try to give a higher level view of my reasoning along the way.

About five years ago I was working in construction as an Ironworker. I was a decker on mostly skyscrapers in the downtown area of Chicago. I would always try to work in the Loop because this is where the money is and better, bigger buildings. One day I threw out my back. I knew right away it was bad but at that time I truly thought I would be back. No pun intended. Fast forward a few years, a few back surgeries and I was starting to realize I wasn’t ever going back to my old job. I wasn’t able to actually hold any job anymore. With the restrictions from my Doctors, could not hold a job at all. I can’t stand for more than 15 minutes at a time or sit for more than a half an hour at a time.  I take my walks in the morning and do my stretches and hope that I can move that day without too much pain. I also have other exercises and stretches plus take medications to manage the days. So there I a thinking of what the hell am I going to do then. I can’t just sit and stand, sit and stand for the rest of my life! I had to think of something to keep the ol’ noggin from gettin mushy. Before I was an Ironworker I was a Photographer. Not just a guy taking pictures of friends but an actual paid professional. I always loved photography but at the time they really wanted college graduates. If you wanted to make a move to a bigger shop or get the best jobs you needed that to get you in the door. I didn’t have one and didn’t want one because I was good and already knew what they would have taught me in school so when a construction job became available to me I took it. It was way more money. You know the end of that already.

So there I was with no clue, I knew I loved Photography and still wanted to get back into it. The digital age was here and with the advent of Photoshop one couldn’t ever imagine the possibilities. I could now take a shot and not frame it properly or even have the correct exposure! Back in the day, you could push a stop in post but that was a pain even if you did develop your own stuff. Taking your job film into the studio and telling them they had to push it a whole stop made you feel like a real ass. You made sure things were right. If things were not right like bad cropping or set up, you didn’t get any more work from that client or studio. I couldn’t believe what you are able to do with a picture these days. It is really freaking amazing when you sit back and realize what we had to go through back then. Enough of my whining let’s get back to the story at hand. I went off on a tangent and I am sorry.

At any rate, this is what made me want to learn how to develop web sites. From taking pictuers to websites? Well not that simple but a progression none the less. I started messing with the computer and processing images. As I was doing so I started to notice what most people used Photoshop for. Building mock ups of websites. One thing led to another and things moved on from there quite quickly. I found Muse, by Adobe, first because I am a CC member. If you are a Creative Cloud member you get a shit ton of apps to play with even if you only use a few. Adobe has made professional grade software accessible to the masses which is freaking unbelievable. That story is for another post and I will save that one in my back pocket.

I was a CC member found Muse and started to mess around trying to throw together my own blog. I wanted to catalog my journey of learning how to use a computer. I did that for just a little while until my health caught me and had to have another surgery. I had to put that on hold but the interest was still there. I picked up again after I got a little better and made a site or two. I then got to a point to where I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted with a drag and drop program like Muse and then found Dreamweaver.  An IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment which DW is. It helps you learn to code by assisting you with hints and panels that are more visual. I plugged away at it for awhile and made a site or two until I decided I wanted to learn how to make mobile apps. This is where you have found me.

Of course, there is plenty more to this story but if I write it all today then what will I write tomorrow? So until next time have a great day and happy coding!


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