New Dev Weekly

I would really like to find the time to write a blog post a couple times a week. It turns out that even though I am not working at present, the day still gets away. The other factor is it is hard for me to sit at a computer for very long as my neck and back start to hurt. I have had multiple surgeries and can not take the medications anymore. They have a real effect on the liver. That aside I would like to write about what I would like to learn.

I have been trying to learn Javascript for the longest time. It is progressing slowly but I am sticking with it. The last year I have been just farting around and testing out everything but learning nothing. One thing it has done for me is to make me realize what I do not know and what I should actually learn, at least for me. I see Javascript eating the world and at the present, we can build any and everything with it. I am learning the basics again going through the docs as well as a Udemy tutorial. I really see React as a must learn but I think Vue is the thing for me. I like how everything is so neat and in one file. Sure React is similar but not the same in my opinion.

So there it is I said it I am going to buckle down and get this JS thing under my belt. As I said before it takes me much longer becasue I can’t sit at the computer for very long. It’s ok though because it’s not as if I have to get a job doing it so I have that going for me. You maybe that is a thing I should think about for people like me. Do a audible learning experience versus the written or visual. Do it in such a way that is different than we have now and is somehow more conducive for learning orally. I know this would be very difficult because to learn coding you have to actually code. I wonder if there is a way to audiblly make it easier to learn coding. If you know of one please let me know.

As always I may be a DumDumDev but I ain’t stupid. Keep the code open and dry folks!


The New Internet 3.0

If you are following the CryptoSphere you have heard the talk of the new internet 3.0 so much that we all want to puke already. Well, at least I do. When I hear this it is not a good thing in my opinion. In the end it will hopefully be a good thing but as of today I can only see a long and arduous journey through a troubled trial and error of adoption that will take 40 years and by then humans will have mucked it up so bad that the original vision will be so lost that it will be impossible to fulfill.

Everywhere we look one of the most prominent ideals of crypto currency is the idea that we are entering the new age of the internet or Web 3.0. If we look at the history we see the actual original idea for the internet 1.0 was suspiciously pretty much the idea for 3.0. We are 40 years out and we have yet to see that happen. I know some will say that we did not have the technology to pull it off and that maybe true although I don’t believe that. I think we did because the only difference today is the way we will try to pull this off not the fact that we want to.

In case you do not know what I am talking about when I say Web 3.0 I will explain it from a high level point of view. What I mean is a free and open internet where we can communicate with out being watched. Where we don’t have to pay for every movement. This is the basic idea in my opinion. Certainly we could go much deeper here but we do not have enough time or space. the basics is that money became involved and everything went to shit. When you involve as much money as is being generated by the Web then we have the humanistic nature of wanting it all and we end up where we are today.

That statement brings me to my point of this post. Money will fuck up a wet dream and that is exactly what is happening before our eyes to this space. In the beginning days of the DotCom bubble there was huge amounts of cash floating around for any half-baked idea. Sound familiar? Today, we have the exact same thing taken to the next level. Anybody and his brother can throw a start-up together with a shitty web-site and phony credentials and be on their way. We have a bunch of kids unaware and unwilling to be aware of the inherent dangers of investing. I know there are the limited few that have half a brain but most are in this for a quick buck and see themselves driving a Lamborghini in a few weeks. In of of itself is not a bad thing but this makes them easy prey for the flim-flam man. Something these kids and people have never seen but in movies and are to inexperienced to be expected to thwart off these scams. This is why we educate our children. This is why people start in internships and not as CEO’s. Again we have a few examples of that happening but that is few and far between and we should not expect this out of everyone.

I think this is a hard thing to get through to any younger person. Hell, we have a lot of older people here that are sick of the short stick they have generated, myself included, and see this as a way out and decide to overlook the possible pitfalls. They take on this attitude of indifference and I am a forward thinker you guys are just close minded and because of this you cannot see that I am right and will be rich. I especially feel sorry for all the kids that have been buffaloed into thinking that because we are older we just cannot see the benefits of this revolution. I am 50 years old and you know how many times I have seen this bullshit go down? I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count.

After saying all this I do think this is a next step in the evolution of the internet but I do not think that anybody working on this today has the answer or can foresee what this will all shake out to be like. I should actually restate that sentence I am sure there are a few forward thinkers out there that may have an idea but they are just guessing at this point. The regulations will come down and the masses will be locked out of trading. It is already starting to happen. Unless you will be willing to break the law and go to great lengths to invest which will just invite major scams upon yourself you will be pushed aside. Of course unless you have a ton of money and are an accredited investor. This is to good to be true and to much money is involved.

As always I may be a DumDumDev but I ain’t stupid. Keep the Code Open and Dry folk’s!

Making a New CryptoSite

I have been thinking of developing my own crypto site. I think I should because I have a free way to do so. I have a couple of options available to me to push it live for free unless of course it started to gain traction and get a lot of hits. It is free so I see no reason not to do so. I bought a domain name called Soapbox Satoshi and I think that is self-explanatory. I will explain my thoughts on this though becasue there may be some aspects that are not apparent just by the name. Obviously a soapbox is a platform for you to espouse your ideas about certain topics that you are passionate about. Passion can be a strong word, but you get my drift. I have lately been thinking about having some kind of exchange rates page where you can see all the tickers going by. I was initially going to have a separate page but I think now it would be cool to have a bar at the top or bottom scrolling by the prices of some of the more popular crypto’s.  Maybe have it as a news bar as well like on TV.

The main purpose of the site will be to post your opinions on the topics of the day or even opinions on the certain crypto you are enthralled with at the moment. I am not thinking of a Reddit type deal but more of a Blog Post thing totally specific to crypto. Like a forum but with more in-depth articles. I am hoping for moderated but that have no affiliations or skew. By that I mean the posts will be like news and tutorials that are for or against Crypto. I think it will be an asset to have a site that is not all Moon and Lambo’s or all Peter Schiff gloom and doom. I would like to see well thought out posts that give us both sides of the coin (pun intended). I would love to be writing articles like these but I believe I need to do a little more investigation to have a grasp on things. Or maybe that’s OK? To have articles written that let people know where you are at on your journey and this would hopefully lead to robust debate and education.

So that is the idea for now. I don’t know if I would even call this a plan at the moment. It is still just in my head right now. The only real action I have taken is to buy the domain name. I also wrote two posts with Soapbox Satoshi  in the title and was planning a series but lately I have been sidetracked and haven’t had the time to do proper research into the third article. I may be able to finish it here soon because I am taking a course on Blockchain right now. I would like to have a better grasp on this while technology so as to get a better feel for my investments.

Investing would be another good part of the site although that doesn’t really come under the name of the whole thing. I think I will leave the investing discussion to the forums as I do know these turn into arguments and name calling rather easily and I think there would need to be major moderation to the comment section.

Here I am acting as if people will actually read and look at this site. So far to date I think I have had four blogs and a YouTube channel tha I was uploading videos to and have yet to garner any real attention outside of a couple hundred people. Sad but true, sad but true.

At any rate as always I may be a  but I ain’t stupid. Keep the Code Open and Dry folks.

Emmet is the Shite!

In 2018 learning to code should be easy, right?  You would think as time has gone on learning to code would have become easier especially with all the advances we have made. I am sure most have heard the story of AI taking over everything that man can do and do so much better. You have also probably have heard of AI creating it’s own computer language which us humans couldn’t understand and which was much more performant than we have yet to accomplish.  All this aside we have made some major strides that help us to code in this ever more complicated enviornment. With all the different languages, libraries and frameworks out there, not to mention all the different other things like Markdown and Apps we should be familar with it has gotten very difficult. One thing that has made life easier is Emmet.

Emmet is a plug-in available in most if not all Code Editors. It helps us in a regex sort of way to type in a few characters and out comes multiple lines of code. I have used Atom, Dreamweaver, Buffer, CodeAnywhere, Brakets, Sublime and my favorite Visual Studio code. All have Emmet support for free. One editor I like but charges for everything is Coda 2. You have to pay extra to use Emmet which is total bull as you have to actually buy Coda 2 and then pay more for Emmet. Why would I use Coda if I can get a much better experience for free witha number of other Editors?

What can you do with Emmet? This is from there site.

Abbreviations are the heart of the Emmet toolkit: these special expressions are parsed in runtime and transformed into structured code block, HTML for example. The abbreviation’s syntax looks like CSS selectors with a few extensions specific to code generation. So every web-developer already knows how to use it.

Here’s an example: this abbreviation

#page>div.logo+ul#navigation>li*5>a{Item $}

…can be transformed into

<div id="page">
    <div class="logo"></div>
    <ul id="navigation">
        <li><a href="">Item 1</a></li>
        <li><a href="">Item 2</a></li>
        <li><a href="">Item 3</a></li>
        <li><a href="">Item 4</a></li>
        <li><a href="">Item 5</a></li>

…with just a single key stroke. In many editors (such as Eclipse, Sublime Text 2, Espresso etc.) plugins will also generate proper tabstop marks so you can quickly traverse between important places of generated code with the Tab key.

Abbreviations- Emmet are optimised for, but not limited to, HTML and XML generation, and make writing tedious markup code a breeze. You can start learning syntax to unleash the full power of Emmet abbreviations.

It is an awesome tool and you should be using it. The code snippet above looks a little intimidating but you can use it for much soimpler expansions. Like just typing . logo it gives you a div with the class of whatever you wrote after the dot. In this case logo.

<div class="logo"></div>

You can also type ul>li*3 and have it generate this:


There are so many other things that Emmet can do you have to go and just look at the Cheat Sheet Emmet Cheat Sheet. It also can be used for CSS and inside React components for JSX. Please if you don’t use it already just trust me and check it out you will wonder how you got along without it.

As always, I may be a DumDumDev but I ain’t stupid. Keep your code Open and Dry folks!

Business Catalyst is Put Down

I have been seriously thinking about unsubscribing to the Creative Cloud these past few months and the main reason I haven’t is because of my standing with Business Catalyst. By that I mean I have a few free basic sites still available and if I had discontinued my Adobe account then I would have lost those. I really don’t need them right now so no big deal. Thinking about what you get versus on Github or Bitbucket which is free it really isn’t that much different. We have other services available to push out a simple free site and you can even use your own domain name all for free.

We need to know why I thought Adobe was a good choice in the first place and what I use it for now to make a qualified decision. Based on these things let’s take a look.

I started using Adobe Creative Could, from here on out I will use CC,  for Adobe Muse. Muse has also been deprecated recently. I had a situation where I had a lot of downtime and was thinking of getting back into Photography and Photoshop is the natural progression to that end these days. When looking at all Adobe offered to CC subscribers I found Muse, a site builder without having to code. A Drag and Drop program to make sites. Along with Muse, at that time you received five free sites on Business Catalyst. It was a no brainer. They also had a system where you could test sites live in the browser easily. I started thinking with all this time why not? I can learn how to make sites and I did just that. Over time I realized that I needed to learn Photoshop much better and set out on that quest as well as realizing that Muse wasn’t the be all end all for making sites. At least that were performant and more than a few boxes on the page. Muse sites had so much bloated code that they ended up being very slow. Over the last few years Muse has become much better and even had gotten responsive. The problem is that there are much better alternatives and even some that are browser based. This is something that I think Adobe is failing on quite spectacularly. I just don’t understand how they justify not moving everything into the browser. It would have to save them a ton of money from all those downloads. There are options that are browser based that work surprisingly well. You have Figma as well as PS alternatives.

In the beginning another big reason I started using Adobe was the subscription model. They were giving away three free months to start and at $50 a month I thought it was a steal. At that time the Adobe Suite was well over a thousand bucks to buy all the programs outright and then you were stuck with whatever they had until updates every few years that you had to pay for again. Probably cheaper in the end but with as fast as the web is moving these days it just doesn’t make sense. They are great at updating PS and Illustrator. I thought this a great opportunity to try out the apps and see if I needed or liked them. I did, but things have changed dramatically. The problem for me is is that I use this stuff pretty much just to learn them not to make money. I am in a unique situation but I am sure it could relate to a one man shop. Adobe is eyeing just the big shops because I think they see the writing on the wall. Web Dev is not a real lucrative field for a one man band these days and only getting worse. Most are now using things like Wiz that build everything for you so there is no need for the one man shop anymore. It is just to expensive for a small business to not do it themselves for pretty much free.

I am just pushed out here due to market changes but I still feel pissed off. I think things will continue to change and Adobe will once again be unobtainable to the little guy. It was a good run while it lasted and I was right there in the thick of it but couldn’t make the leap. With that said I think there are still great cheap options out there just not Adobe. The only thing I will miss at this point is Adobe Acrobat for those odd signed PDF’s I need. It is very seldom I need that so really not that big of a deal. If I was in a small business this would probably be a huge deal and would kill the bottom line.

I will use Figma and Photopea for now and probably have to find a reasonable CMS. As always keep the code Open and Dry folks.

Time of Reason

Where am I? What have you done with my jubilance? Where is my surety of rejoice? You’ve extracted my simper, my joy. Sitting on a throne of considerably tossed leather watching searchingly for an inkling of an orange curing dose of reality. It never comes. It never comes. I can taste the bare metal grit of a prevaricating self proclaimed vainglorious genius. An acumen unchecked by the realities of a world that has moved on from the fragility of a pervasive paranoid shadowland shrouded in a multitude of archaic phobia’s. My undulations in a dark corner sobbing for the light that has been taken, captured and hidden from this seeker. I was tricked and lulled into a slumber of surety only to have it ripped asunder like a cackling old witch in her pitch black heart bubbling, sounding of a hideous screeching in every wrinkled beat. Bump, ta bump bump, ta bump bump resonating off my glistening soft sweating scalp slick with tears which somehow canvas my whole soul. I repine in it. I see it passing, slipping into the dark. One minute, one second, a eternal quadrennium in time. I am undone. My pedigree so freely given to me but so expensive has been seized. They have come and conquered without controversy. Did you vote? Will you now vote? Do you believe this happenstance is an anomaly of spirit? A project run by the nefarious to test the resolve, the ignorance of the masses which has been flung among us? We must revolt! We must stand soaring like our giant Lady in the Upper Bay.  Loudly showing our offspring we will not break. Make her proud, do not make her shed a determinative tear. I beg you, I beg you……………..


State of Bitcoin

I am going to write a quick one today. I was thinking a lot lately about the turn that the community as a whole has changed it’s thinking around crypto. I watch a lot of YouTube channels and follow a number of Twitter cryptonauts. When I first got into crypto and thought it was the next best thing to sliced bread only 8 months ago there was so much buzz and contention around it that it was exhilarating. Today, not so much. The tides have turned for crypto and the mainstream people who I have been following have changed their tune quite dramatically. Even the guys who have been around for the duration.

At the beginning of the Bull run six months ago everyone was gonna buy lambos. I mean I believe that these people really thought they would be buying high race cars in a few months. The back and forth on the chat boards were unbelievable and the major reason I didn’t dump all my money into crypto when I first found out about it. I was hearing this to the moon and buy lambos so much that it made the scene seem like a bunch of people who had no idea what they were doing. This, of course, has borne out to be true. I do wish that I had sunk more money right away but I had to investigate and find out what this was all about before I could do so. I know that was the right choice even though right now I would be in a better position with my holdings. We move to present day and we see a lot of a more realistic chattering going on in the message boards. People are talking about how most ICO’s are scams and just money grabs that will not hold out the year. How most coins will fail in the long run and the Bullish look for Ethereum is waning fast. The reason for that is everyone is realizing the code is not sustainable or safe. There will have to be major breaking changes for Eth to survive. We see a lot of people not talking so much about its usefulness since there are no cards in supply chain right now because Banks won’t back them. Banks have to be in the transaction chain to convert Fiat to crypto.

When people were jumping in left and right and driving the price up on pure speculation I was very worried and didn’t invest in any ICO’s because I saw a huge downside. Don’t take this statement the wrong way I am not saying I predicted any of this just that I didn’t like my odds of making money without knowing anything about crypto. If I knew what I know now 6 months ago I would have probably jumped all over it but watched it very close and only took chances with house money.

The people I respect in the community have finally come around to the thinking this thing is not the disruptor they thought it was, at least as of yet or in the near term. There is so much money in crypto that the powers at be will get their hooks in and make it useful for themselves in a way the cryptonauts never thought or wanted to be possible. I always found it hard to believe that all these smart people in crypto truly believed that Fiat would be so easily toppled. I do now see that it was really only the new people in that really believed that. The shills trying to sell their scams pushing that narrative hard to fool the rookies. At any rate, we have seen a real turn around and it is a good thing. We even have a lot of the originals saying we need the regulations coming. Wow, what a turn around in a few short months. Crypto does move fast! I have to give you that much. As always I may be a DumDumDev but I ain’t stupid. Keep the code Open and Dry folks!