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I have been wanting to create a site with WordPress.org and have been trying to get my mind around it. The problem I am having is with the documentation. It is all over the place and disorganized. Why can’t WP’s docs be like everybody else on the internet? Wouldn’t that make things much more intuitive and easy? I have been using WordPress.com for quite awhile and moved on to the new style editor. The blue one, not the new Gutenberg. Meanwhile on the Org side we are still using the old editor. Here in lies some of the confusion, they are moving the actual docs around. With all that said they have a huge team and help from the community shouldn’t they be a hundred times better?

I have taken a few screen shots

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 7.37.09 AM.png
to get my point across. The gist of it is that the navigation between pages is horrible. The links are confusing. I am on one page and when going to the next all the links are different and not cohesive. I am presented with a whole set of different links that are not related to the topic I am searching. They have a sidebar full of links that change from page to page. When you click on those they take you to a different design making you think you are in the wrong place. You are most times.

A couple years ago

when I first wanted a blog I tried WordPress. I now remember why I stayed away and tried other ways to develop sites. It is so confusing. Have they never looked at any good docs? Have they never seen documentation from Dash or Apple? How about Github? They have a large amount docs and do pretty good. They are open source and manage it well. take a gander over there and see how they are getting along. I bet if you call them up they would be more than happy to help.
My other gripe are the forums. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? They have no categories. I guess behind the scenes you do but not that you can click on and search through. Instead, they create their own path and you’re lost again. Why is it more like a Google search? Have they never looked at the forums?
I know I sound like a bitch but it sucks to have to fight documentation. I am trying to learn something new already. Not only do I have to learn how to develop a site their way. I have to learn how to use their documentation and crazy navigation. It is so unintuitive even a solid WordPress developer has to hate it.

Look at the few examples.

Another weird thing is that on a phone it is much better. Things seem to flow more naturally. Why can’t we do that everywhere?
Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 7.42.56 AM


I have finally decided to build a website with WordPress. I should really clarify that statement because if you are reading this you will realize that you are already on a WordPress website. I am building with .Org version. It is a very different animal and having the same name as the .Com version it gets very confusing, at least to this dumdum.

Out of the box we should realize the biggest difference between the two is the fact that dot com is for picking a theme, or pre-made site/blog, and dot org is for building your own from pretty much scratch. I know this is seemingly straight forward, easy to understand, but with all the terminology the same on each version it starts to get confusing reading the documentation for both at the same time. Especially when you want to make your own site and have it hosted on WordPress.com. I am going back and forth trying to figure out which one will be best trying to keep it all straight . This gets totally confusing when you are not yet to hip to the nomenclature.

I found that trying to find other options to host your site outside of the ecosystem is just as confusing. I am starting to think it is just me but I have seen other similar posts so I know I am not alone. Coming from simple site building on a robust CMS where things are just press a few buttons after you have the code ready really makes a big difference. I have not had to deal with c-panel or uploading and possibly loading this plug-in or that page builder plus dealing with the WordPress Editor. I really can’t see the benefit to all this yet except for the price. I mean is this really what most sites go through to put out a website that isn’t from a theme that looks like every other theme? I think my initial reaction to WordPress when I first started building sites was dead on. WordPress is a convoluted mess and PHP seems like total overkill in how to get simple things running on a site. The plug-in thing just killls me why would anyone design a process where you have to constantly fuss with these things? The killer thing is that I heard things are much better now than they ever have been.

I know that I am still new to the game but just to get the site going seems like a huge hassle and if I want to use my own template or should I say theme I am in for another ride. What a piece of garbage, No wonder all these other CMS systems came about. It is just a wonder why WordPress is still such a major percentage of the web. Maybe that is it. Maybe I have hit upon why? They got in early and got a ton of sites to use them and it was such a hassle that all those people never want to have to go through it again. None of them realize how easy it is on the other side. It has to be it because they sure cannot be selling on ease of use. That is my rant for the day. If you come back next week I might have another one even worse or I maybe a believer. Only time will tell. I may be a DumDumDev but I ain’t stupid. Keep the code Open and Dry folk’s!

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Soapbox Satoshi

In this article, I would like to address the Blockchain space as a whole. What is the main reason that there has been a slow adoption? I give my opinions on why Bitcoin and Alt-coins are not accepted by “Regular People.”

I am not an OC

I will append these ideas by saying I am not an original coiner and have never mined. I can hear the sighs as I write but please hear me out. I found Bitcoin a little over a year ago and am coming from a rookie perspective. I am writing this in the third quarter of 2018. I do research, and I follow tons of people on YouTube and Twitter plus I browse Reddit and Telegram quite often. I used to be a big fan of the BitcoinPub until they started mining Monero from their site. (this is my opinion) I am involved in quite a few Discord groups but lately have found Discord and Telegram as shill factories. I try to read as many of the news articles as I can to keep abreast of which way the market will trend. I will take note that I have been shifting my focus from a social one to a more technical. Trading, in the beginning, is tough and scary but I have paper traded for a few months. I decided, like so many suggested, to make a couple small buys and watch how things work. My focus wasn’t on making money but to see how you actually buy and how to use stops, read charts and who to get my advice from. Having only a small amount of skin in the game allowed me to focus on what was happening not worrying about money.

Not a Trader

I do not consider myself a trader even though I do make some trades I don’t get after it every day and try to make a daily money-maker out of it. I know after only a year of being in this space and following charts for half that it would be next to impossible. I like to try and understand the charts and observe, but I am just not into it enough to spend the time necessary to make money as a day trader, and if I don’t then, I will sit it out. There is always Daily Cost Averaging but to me in such a volatile market that just seems like blind trading. If I were DCA’ing over this year, I would be in the hole big time. I’m not saying that is not a good strategy trading as a whole, but it just doesn’t seem to fit Crypto. Of course, people who are doing so will tell me how wrong I am. If they came into this market in January of 2018 and have been doing so, they are down. I would guarantee they are down unless they are making day trades on the side or not following the DCA strategy and are loosely basing their trading on it.

Let’s get to the real

With all that out-of-the-way let us get to the reason for the story and why has Blockchain as a whole been so slow to be adopted? The big reason? Because it is slow as fuck. If it takes way longer to get one’s data than the way we already have. Only a small percentage of the population would and is the reason Blockchain is still a sidelined tech. Even companies needing a secure way to store their data want an easy way to access it and are not going to use something that slows their business down. Let us say for instance you have an App that you use every day and a new App comes out. You download that App, but it takes over twice as long for you to load an image than your old App. You would shit can that App so fast and never use it again. What was that App called? A Decentralized Application or a dApp. Granted the information is immutable but people are not going to use this tech except in extreme situations. Plus the development time is much higher so the cost is then a lot more. This excludes most from even attempting. Adding a token or coin is just a money grab at this point. It really is that simple.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, does have a use case. Problem with Bitcoin is that it takes way to long to make a transaction and is one of the main reasons you see for using it. Wait, what did you say, it takes a long time? Yes, it takes a long time for a transaction to clear and it costs more than other forms of transacting. This is the exact opposite of the reasons why I thought when I first found Bitcoin that I thought it was going to be a game changer but it turns out to be a pipe dream at the moment. The other big fallacy is that the unbanked would be using it and be allowed to finally have a bank account. This is great, and Billions of people are in this situation. This is the reason I really got excited about Bitcoin, but they need to have a faster connection and better phones to run these mostly non-existent Apps. All you hear in this space is about one day this will take over, and you are in early. Most people always cite the Dot-Com days as an example and aren’t we lucky and so so smart to be in this boom first. Most people lost everything, and some even jumped out of windows because sometimes you can be too early.

This is where we are at with Crypto right now. A bunch of people who have no idea what they are doing. Thinking of wealth beyond their wildest dreams even though they have no idea what they are doing. This is the exact definition of a scam. The whole concept at its base is earth shattering and if it does happen is going to be majorly disruptive. The way things really happen we will not see anything of note until all this crashes and burns so the cream can run to the top. All you kids out there thinking you are Traders and Venture Capitalists with your 50$ buys are kidding yourselves. Take a step back and really take a hard look. Most every situation you are finding yourself in is a way to grab money from you. The chat rooms a shilling coins the forums are mining Monero, cashing in on Ads and subscriptions. All the real traders are setting up 300 dollars a month trading groups full of idiots that are getting a bot pushed on them. You also have all the speaker tours and the conferences that are really just the medium for those “experts” to rake it in. It is incredible to me the stupidity or greed of the masses. I guess that’s how the world works and those running those scams are the only ones who are going to get rich. The funniest thing is that all those people are the one’s yelling scam the loudest but are considered the most honest! Go figure but isn’t that how it mostly is? Just look at most of our Political systems, and the squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

Coins, Coins and Schmitcoins!

I read an article today by @nic_carter here is the link to the post. Nic Carter/Medium  I obviously found this on Twitter where I find a lot of interesting articles from all perspectives. Lately, I have been finding a tremendous amount of articles on the questions I have about Bitcoin, especially Shitcoins. I have had these pretty much since the beginning of my journey into this abyss. I could never find the answers and was at the point of giving up on Crypto altogether. I was starting to think I was either wrong or the only one.

Shitcoin Casinos

I can not write as well as Nic and never thought about it in such a concise systematic way. I will say that when I read his article it all made sense. A lot of sense, so much so that I find it refreshing we finally have some people who are not just regurgitating something they saw on YouTube so the coin they just bought pumps. It really bothers me, so much so that I have not invested any money in Crypto since November of last year. I have been closely following and studying trading but have not put up any money.

Spin that Wheel

Buying shitcoins is like spinning the wheel at a roulette table in Vegas. If you have enough exposure you are able to affect the price. If you put your chip on enough spots you have a better chance to win. Problem is the gains are mostly less than the investments. Shilling coins on Twitter like McAfee does is a good example of someone manipulating the market. It must have been working because coins were paying him for what seemed like about 6 months. Finally, people caught on and the backlash was too much for him or, more than likely the money dried up so he quit. He has continued to shill other things like hardware wallets. He is the most obvious but there is a slew of others under the guise of expert traders shilling there coins in hopes they can get in and get out before they lose their ass.

Hard Road to Hoe

It really is a hard road to take if you are thinking of going the shit coin road. I am not only talking about trading but I am talking about hodl’ing as well. The speculation is unbelievable and the scams are greater than the real thing. How on earth do you think you are going to actually pick the right project? If we look at most of these we can see that they are total scams and are not, in most cases, even hiding it well. It may be biased but when I see someone on a shit camera and barely being able to speak English I just gotta wonder. Not because they can not speak English but because they can not hire someone to handle the speaking for them. If you are doing an interview or are putting out material to sell your wares then dammit invest some money. This is a big red flag. If you can’t afford to do so then, in my opinion, you are doomed to fail. If your project is not good enough for anyone you know or work with to invest the little money you would need to get a decent camera and microphone plus an interpreter then you are in trouble and I need no part. The passes that people give these projects blows my mind. You deserve to get your money taken.

You Are Not Investing

When I first found Crypto I found it through a YouTube video by a scammer guy that was playing the Bitconnect type of scams. The pyramid schemes and he was posting videos pretty much every day of his winnings. I call them winnings because he was not investing he was gambling. We have so many people in this world that want the easy fast way and think they are smarter than everybody else. Everyone else is just too stupid to see this awesome opportunity. When you are seeing this continually adhered to a money-making scheme #RunLikeHell! Where is that YouTuber today? Probably on to the next scam stealing money from others who work.

It isn’t all Bad

I do not think that Crypto is all bad but I do think 90% is. I bet there is a small number that really believes in what they are doing but I have to guess that most do not. Why would I say this? If they were not then they would be able to get regular financing or backing and do business as usual. I can hear the scammers now. But this is new tech nobody understands but us (said in a totally sarcastic voice). No, it isn’t, a bunch of people all around the world understand it and it is not new tech! It is based from tech that has been around for over thirty years. I liken it to the Electric Car. It’s new tech but not really just a different drivetrain. Open your eyes. Don’t Hodl or try to ride the wave. Just get in the pump and watch out for the dump. Buy a bit late and sell to early and you may do ok. Probably not but you could try. I may be a DumDumDev but I ain’t Stupid! Keep the code Open and Dry folks.



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Writing a Rant!

I thought it would be very easy to write some of the random thoughts I have a few times a week. I guess I was wrong. It is getting harder by the day to keep up. I have, as does everyone, a multitude of things going on and I could write about them every day. The problem I am running into is whether I want to write about these things. I believe my thoughts are rather controversial according to popular beliefs and probably not so interesting. When one is a youngster they mostly let these kinds of thoughts allude them and just blurt out what they are thinking at any given moment. At least I always did. I have been thinking a great deal as to how this has happened. How did I all of a sudden become an outlier?

The world has moved on. I am in my fifties and have young children. I also have an older daughter that has a child older than my youngest son, her brother. I know it’s kind of confusing but this is the world I live in. I look at how and what they are teaching my young boys and I am at most times taken aback. How can they not just let these kids be kids? We are not allowing boys to be boys and girls to be girls. Is this wrong to be thinking this way? At its base level of course not. The problem here is we are letting grown-up systems and beliefs to filter into our children’s lives. We give them too much to deal with. Why are we not letting them just play? They can not even so much as raise their voice without being made to feel as if they have done something terrible. We sit and wonder why the suicide rate is increasing. It increases because we are putting a huge amount of pressure and worry onto these children. They are just kids let them be kids. I am going to lapse into the diatribe of an older man by starting with “in my day!”

Yes, in my day as boys we were allowed to be boys. We probably fought every day without the worry that we would be expelled from school as a 1st grader.  I mean really! I have seen kids get thrown out of school for hitting. We don’t allow this to go on willy-nilly but this is what boys do. My best friends in life were the ones I fought the most with. It is only natural. Yes, we can go down the road of bullying but that is different. There is a difference in picking on someone and just beating on each other because you are having a disagreement in a baseball game at the park. It may seem like I am spouting semantics here but I am trying to get the point across that to make natural activity a crime we are doing a huge injustice to our next generation. We are telling them it is not ok to be a boy or a girl but to being neither is better. This is ludicrous. I know that being Gay is natural for some and we should not make them feel as it’s unnatural but we have swung the other way now. We are telling our kids that it is unnatural to be a heterosexual. That male and female are learned not born unto. I know this is a slippery slope but my point is, again we are putting adult issues upon a child. Please let them be children and just play. If we look at kids they do not see color or gender as an issue. kids just want to play. Sure some have issues that need to be addressed as my son has. We address those issues for child not for an adult. He goes to pediatricians not my doctor. Let’s keep our unnecessary baggage away from our children. Rant over! Have a great day!

Crypto Social

I will preface this whole post by saying I am a fan of Crypto and Bitcoin and would love to see it survive and grow. I do have some issues with crypto and the incentivize everything model. Dow e really need to monetize every aspect of our lives? Do you really think that is a good idea. The more I deep dive into learning about crypto the more this question bothers me.

The most glaring example I can think of is the whole Social Crypto solution. If we think about this model rationally and not get greedy we can see the problems right from the get go. If we take Steemit as an example we are lead to believe everything will be hunky dory and we will all make money off of our posts on a Facebook like platform instead of having our data mined and sold without our knowledge of to who and when. This sounds just freaking awesome doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t I want that?

The first reason is because then Social sites won’t be honest anymore. People will always be thinking how and what to say to get the most rewards not what they think too be the truth. I recently joined one of these communities to learn more about a certain type of Crypto Platform for making dApps. It’s whole premise is a rip off of Stackoverflow where we posts questions of how to do something and others reply with the proper way. This sounds great, doesn’t it? On this social question answer site I can, with some knowledge, help someone code their dApp better and at the same time make money but only if my answer gets upvotes. It seems like a Win-Win situation on the surface. The problems arise when I start thinking about how I reply so I CAN make money not so I can help answer the question. I was going to answer in such a way that it was going to have negative connotations against this certain platform and I knew if I did I wouldn’t be getting any upvotes. I thought that Ethereum would be a better choice for this dApp but if I said that I would most likely be blacklisted and never get any more upvotes from this site. On Steemit you can see and feel this in every single comment. The answers and reply’s are contrived and worded in such a way to gain the most upvotes which in turn is money.

In China they have what they call a Social Score and it is becoming more important than a monetary credit score. Steemit is doing the same thing and people are allowing it to happen. China is forcing this down people throats because they can. In a more free society there needs to be a more back door approach and this is exactly what these types of sites are doing. I am not saying this is being done purposefully but it is the effect that is arising out of their monetary aspirations. We are monetizing our Social Cred.

I know that a lot of people use Social Media this way and it is a good thing for them. They already use it for making them money but not in such a transparent way. I would be interested in the number of people on Social media to just post what they are doing today and pictures of their cat versus actual people monetizing it. To the Social Media pro this is a great thing and they can just take their followers to the new platform and make money. To the average Jo who just goes on to kill time this is a problem. I do not want to subliminally think about what I am posting so I can try and make money and I also do not want to have to pay for every single thing I post on Social Sites. I do not want to have to pay for every web interaction.

I think it is a logical assumption to believe this is where we are going with this technology. I know there is a lot of push back to my opinion because I have posed this question on these sites and have mostly gotten the stock answer that I just don’t understand and I am an idiot. If you are going to try to persuade some one that your way is better I think that is a terrible argument.

The one reply that I got that was even close to a real argument was that when you initialize your account they give you some funds to get you going. Once you build up a following you will make money and be able to use that to reply and give tips. This all sounds great but what if you do not use the site enough to build up enough followers? what if you just use Social Media to kill time? Eventually you will have to shell out some cash to keep using it. The other argument is that the token increases in value enough to off set your spending. This may make sense now but eventually these tokens and coins will become more stable and that argument will be moot because you won’t gain much.

In the end I think the worst thing will be the fact that people will see this as a money maker and eventually to join you will have to pay or put out cash upfront. With a ton if users it will be impossible for anyone to get free money when they sign up. Your every interaction on the web will cost you. Sure it maybe pennies every time but think about how much you are actually using the Internet and how much you WILL be using the Internet in years to come. Eventually you will be connected 24/7 and how much would that cost if every interaction your TV or fridge made would cost you? If there is money to be made people will find out how to make it and in the end it costs us all something even if just a little. All the littles add up to all the bigs.