In this first post I will answer the question why. Why did I end up wanting to and persevering learning to code? I have no simple story but will try to give a higher level view of my reasoning along the way. About five years ago I was working in construction as an Ironworker. I was […]

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Who Is First? The Civilized?

Lately I have been watching a lot of videos and reading books pertaining to Bitcoin and things associated with it. I have been really entrenching myself into the community on Twitter and You Tube plus reading a lot on Steemit and some Bitcoin Journal/News sites. I group the journal and news sites together because that […]

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Bitcoin or Bust?

If you read this page then you know I have been looking into Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Do you say The Blockchain or just Blockchain? Anyway, of all the things I have been reading and watching the thing that bothers me the most is the PR surrounding this technology. It is horrible and the most […]

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Bitcoin is it Big BS?

A couple of months ago I had seen a video on Bitcoin and how great it was. It did pique my interest for sure. I had heard about it of course but really didn’t know what it was. A couple of weeks ago I then happened across a few more Bitcoin videos and of course […]

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LiveWeave Editing the Bomb!

I just found a site called LiveWeave. I am a Codepen user normally but as of late when I moved my internet kinda sucks so I have been having issues with Codepen reloading and not saving properly. I went on the look out for a different set up and found that JSFiddle wasn’t working for me […]

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