In this first post I will answer the question why. Why did I end up wanting to and persevering learning to code? I have no simple story but will try to give a higher level view of my reasoning along the way. About five years ago I was working in construction as an Ironworker. I was […]

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New BitCoiner experience

I have just entered the Bitcoin ecosystem which feels like a inextricable labyrinth. I have walked through the door and I can not find my way out. I see many entries in this hallway and they are all seemingly similar with minute differences that can be interpreted in many different ways. The major problem is […]

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First Bitcoin!

I just bought my first Bitcoin yesterday or I should say a piece of one. I decided to jump on the bandwagon too see how this all works. I started this journey four months ago and finally bought a piece now. A small amount no doubt but some nonetheless. I would bet that your first […]

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Firefox is the Shiznit!

I know that most, at least people I know, use Chrome for their browser of choice on Desktop. On mobile I believe most use the browser that is easiest and that depends on the phone of course. Android and Apple obviously want you to use their proprietary browser so it is a no-brainer to use […]

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Battling CSS

Hello everyone, lately I have realized that I need step back and further my knowledge of CSS and HTML. By further I mean getting a deeper understanding of the core principles and best practices of writing CSS and HTML. Up until last week I had a “that’s good enough” attitude towards my basic coding skills. […]

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Affinity Photo – 5 Stars!

I found Affinity photo for iPad from some link on Twitter which I don’t remember, but whoever posted it I would like to thank! I usually start articles with how my favor leans which saves you the time of reading and getting pissed off at the end because the prose maybe misleading. I guess the title […]

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Who Is First? The Civilized?

Lately I have been watching a lot of videos and reading books pertaining to Bitcoin and things associated with it. I have been really entrenching myself into the community on Twitter and You Tube plus reading a lot on Steemit and some Bitcoin Journal/News sites. I group the journal and news sites together because that […]

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