In this first post I will answer the question why. Why did I end up wanting to and persevering learning to code? I have no simple story but will try to give a higher level view of my reasoning along the way. About five years ago I was working in construction as an Ironworker. I was […]

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Scam Alert Roku-Sling.tv

Yes, it’s a scam ladies and gents! Why it happened is partly my fault, that part was just signing up. Try to get out of your subscription and you’re in for a ride. Let me elaborate on this roller coaster scam they have going. As I stated up above it is my fault for signing […]

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  Vuetify is awesome! Is really all I can say. This article is just a quick tip just to make others aware of his framework. I mean how it is not the top of the charts and on everyone’s blog or lips is beyond me. I am a big fan of Vue.js and having found […]

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##Writing the Blog

Hey, everyone, this is a topic that I think we all can get behind. The writing of our blogs and why we picked where we put these and what tech we use to do it. I will start off saying that there are so many options it is mind boggling for the new dev. The […]

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